Advocate for Working Families
Advocating for working families is critically important as we have many who are struggling to raise even a small family. Often, parents are working two jobs just to provide for their children. We also have many grandparents who are providing care for their grandchildren on a fixed income. We need to seek solutions that focus on people, in addition to businesses.


Regain Local Control for Education
Schools need much more ability to make decisions concerning curriculum, assessments, procedures and vision. So many state mandates create very specific parameters in which to function. If we want to see our schools flourish and genuinely operate in a way that is best for students, we must loosen these restrictions and provide more local control.


Partner with Local Government
Effective leadership requires all elected officials to work together in order to provide the best problem-solving strategies for communities. There are always issues that overlap into a different area of government. These partnerships are vital to the wellbeing of our communities and showcase the strength of working together.